Terms & Conditions

Bec & Bel Consignment Terms and Conditions

  1. A consignment request form must be fully complete and included with all items for consignment. The consignment term begins once the goods are priced and the terms agreed. The consignor acknowledges there may be a period of time between the consignment term being agreed and the items placed for sale.

  2. Bec & Bel will arrange for the marketing, sale and distribution of consigned items through all their channels including Lane Cove store, Website, Facebook & Instagram. For online sales, the buyer or Bec & Bel pays for shipping and packaging. 

  3. Bec & Bel will be responsible for any loss of or damage to merchandise while it is under Bec & Bel’s control.

  4. Merchandise shall remain the property of the client until sold in the regular course of business.

  5. Bec & Bel shall devote best efforts to the sale and distribution of Consignor’s merchandise through Bec & Bel’s marketing channels.

  6. All parties are to agree on the price of sale before any items are advertised for sale.

  7. Client agrees that Bec & Bel may at its discretion, reduce the selling price by up to 20% in order to close a sale or include in store and online promotions.

  8. Bec & Bel shall not sell the Consignor’s merchandise for less than 80% of the agreed price unless agreed with the Consignor verbally, by text message or by email. 

  9. Payout rates for clients consigning after 1 July 2020 are strictly 50%
    (see our Consignment rates) This rate is for items sold in store, via the website and on social media.

  10. The consignment period for items sold is 4 to 12 weeks (minimum 4 weeks, maximum 12 weeks).

  11. Payments to clients occur at the end of the consignment period unless otherwise agreed. Payment terms are 7 days.

  12. Unsold items must be collected before a payment is made unless otherwise agreed. 

  13. At the end of the consignment period Bec & Bel will provide the client with a payment statement indicating all sales transactions.